Warning about Guild Wars

Since Casual PvP was changed in an effort to make Gems of War more fair to every player.
I must warn you to only use troops and weapons that your opponent’s have available as well. Otherwise it’s unfair for you to gain an advantage on them.
If you have years of experience in guild wars then I urge you to make sure you are only facing opponents of the same skill set. Otherwise it’s an Exploit.

How can you possibly know these things? Well you can’t. But it can be later judged an Exploit. And therefore put you open to people attacking you personally for utilizing an advantage and not feeling like it’s an Exploit.

2019 will be looked back as the year the devs tried to suck all the fun out of GoW. Congratulations.


Ok, show me your teams and I’ll tell you if you can use them against me!


Only teams pre-approved by the forum community may be used on Defense.


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So to keep it fair for everyone. 100% collusion must be executed. Makes sense.

When I play pvp, I refresh until I find an opponent with the exact same team score. It’s the only way to be sure of a fair fight.

Seems like this is the time for 4x Fire Bombs or the equivalent on every defense. If we’re going 100% collusion, might as well. Buy in from everyone will turn guild wars into a joke. I could use a good laugh from this game about now.