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It's been... 649 days

I don’t need to finish this game. I need to be able to make progress by PLAYING


I have 3 left at 14 and one (Leonis Empire) at 16. I do daily Arenas and at least obtain the Writs in the Arena events, plus I get every Writ or the extremely rare Imperial Deed daily gem offers (a “bargain” at an undiscounted 500 for one Imperial Deed for VIP only iirc). Of course my guild gets all epic tasks done weekly too.


In the past I have snagged a few color deeds in the gem offers but I stopped when I had enough to get each kingdom to 15.

To be honest since my Faction Renown is maxed (so far) there really is no incentive to get Kingdoms past 15… although I’m sure there are a handful of players gunning for the mythical achievement of Every Troop Gold Medaled so that extra 10% Bonus Mythstones would be a must for them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Could you tell me how many Writs do you get from the Arena and how often do they show up?

I’ve not bothered with Arena except for when they’re required for the Campaign.

I seem to get writs in one of the 3 Arena offers every week or so. I don’t keep track though sorry. Each offer is for 100 Writs iirc.

btw Arena offers can be War Coins also. I do have all those Warbands banners too.

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Nope not me. Have gotten maybe four since I started playing and I reluctantly do arena every day. It’s all genies lamps for me. And have never gotten a war coin offer from arena

Ok, now that is interesting to know!

I think I’m going to have to start doing Arena battles again, because it appears there are actually some useful rewards.

Thanks :+1:

Isn’t the offer 150 writs?


I’ve only ever been offered 150.


It’s 150 writs per offer.
3 out of 90 arenas in April
3 out of 93 arenas in May
none so far (33 arenas) in June.

As for overall kingdom situation:
I’ve got 1 at L16 (Leonis Empire; none for mythstone gain because I don’t sit in one place when exploring)
3 at L13
6 at L14
and the remaining are L15.

Could craft 10 Imperial deeds in soulforge and upgrade some more but not willing at the moment.

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I’m finding it interesting to compare two different accounts.

  1. My main account is in a Guild that complets all Epic Tasks. My regular Deeds range from 33 to 105, but I’m still 16 Imperial Deeds short of having all Kingdoms at L15.

  2. My alt account is in a Guild that is basically dead, though I did spend one week in a Guild that completed all Epic Tasks. I have 18 Kingdoms at L15. Whenever I get Imperial Deeds, I often find myself short of regular Deeds (at least, according to my colour priorities). Blue and Green are my highest numbers, with Purple lagging a bit, and the others way behind.

I do the daily tasks on both accounts, but very little else on my alt. While on my main I’ve bought the last two basic Campaign Passes. I average less than 3 Arena runs per week.

My conclusion is that the Deed economy – particularly the balance between Imperial and coloured Deeds – varies a lot, based on the activity of your Guild, that of your account, and how much money you spend (sadly, the latter is probably the biggest potential factor, by far).

Another conclusion is that levelling Kingdoms beyond level 15 is aspirational but nearly impossible with the current drop-rate of Imperial Deeds. This aspect of the game is almost entirely pay-to-win.

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Thanks for that.

So it seems Writs appear about 3% of the time, which seems like a lot of slog, since Common Medals, Delve Rewards, Faction Hoard components and Pets which I already have maxed out etc aren’t of much use to me :frowning:

I might try some more Arena battles, but I’m getting back to the “it’s not worth the effort” feeling.

Has anyone actually compiled a list of Arena rewards and their frequency?

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If anyone has, it’d be Dust_Angel.

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Not exactly. For a short while I was writing down every offer, but then just stopped and these days only register the stuff I actually buy (basically, imperials and writs, recently one batch of Pox Hare - nothing else really.

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@Dust_Angel - Have you had War Coins?

A handful of times, three or max four maybe since they began (more on daily adventure board both normal and VIP6 offers).

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So that suggests about a 0.5% drop rate :frowning:

Considering how certain items can enter the Daily Deals/Arena Rewards pool because of immediate kingdom star needs, doesn’t that change the probabilities at least a little bit?

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Yes, but once I found out why the troop offers were being made, I made sure to medal troops before doing arena.

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Could you explain this is bit more, please?

Do you have to get the first medal on all troops or just some?

The last task there (medal troops) will cause offers that won’t help, extra copies of troops you don’t need. Just do what the kingdom power task requires to keep those offers from triggering.