Issue with banner from Forest of Thorns challenge


I have the challenge to win a battle with Forest of Thorns banner, which I find as Woodlands banner, but I’m not receiving a completion for after winning two battles now.


Hey, it’s a bug. A bigger one. You have to beat a team in PVP that uses the banner of Forest of Thorns. Just play a couple of PVPs untill you meet a team that uses the banner and you will get the task done. Its similar for all of those type of tasks.


Awesome, thanks! I did a good ten pvp matches with nothing so I tried something clever. I just did a challenge in that particular kingdom and it counted!

Thanks again for the help.


Very nice!



Although the PvP method works, the easier method is to complete any Quest or Challenge (even if you cleared them already).


So true Talia! :blush:


Thanks Talia! I tried that afterwards and it went great.


Talia is correct. This works for all of the banner challenges. Just use requested banner and battle in that same kingdom. Just the wording in the task doesn’t indicate this.