Task: Win a game with Khaziel banner


Hey, this simply doesnt work for me, do anyone have the same problem? Or at least any tips would be good. Thanks!


Tasks on the console versions have shown signs of occasionally not working.
I’d recommend contacting 505Games for support when these mishaps occur.


Thanks for the reply, I have contacted 505 Games. Have a good day Mr/Mrs Zelford


The task is poorly worded and/or bugged. You actually complete the task by beating somebody who’s using the kingdom of Khaziel. After you win it will say things like champion of broken spire etc… it needs to be champion of Khaziel.

Tasks are bugged

Thanks for the help, pal!


same exact quest, didnt work for me either.


It’s a textual error.


To add on to what 1TruKing said I found that the easiest way to do it is to go to whatever kingdom it says the banner is from and do a challenge from there. Even if you’ve already completed them. The alternative of hoping some random person will have the banner/kingdom you need is a bit of a gamble.


I can confirm that this works. I’ve also always done a challenge in the specified kingdom to complete this task


You have to fight in the kingdom it says, it will complete the task then.


This thread helped me immensely. The wording on the task description is horribly misleading. I was trying all kinds of ways to set teams using the kingdom banner, changing banners themselves and the task would never complete.

Then tried what this thread suggested and did a appropriate kingdom challenge… task complete.

The daily tasks at the top of the list are really helpful in terms of progression, but it was so frustrating to always get stuck on the banner task and have to wait until the next day for the task to switch out.


Yeah, the typo’s and wrong info provided in the task section isn’t always helpful. There’s quite a few of them as well, such as the defend 5 times one, and then shows 0/3. Meaning you really only defend 3 times - I didn’t even learn about the one mentioned above until after a few failed attempts, I just decided to try using the banner and battle in that Kingdom, and it worked.

Just be nice if it were working correctly to save time. Also, I’ve had the top task change, just simply signing out and coming back in a short while later. So not sure if it just switches out daily? Could also be triggered with a log-off? (But someone else will have to confirm if this is correct?) … I’ve had 3 of the change your armor for this??? for more then two weeks now, so I’ve only been able to complete the top one for a while now. But I hope to purchase spider armor tonight or tomorrow. So that will help.


Never thought about the sign-out… go smoke and come back to sign in for a change of the top, rotating task.

I’ll try that tonight after work and confirm if no one beats me to it. That would be handy… I don’t want to do the invade 20 times task again… took forever… for 3 iron keys… should have been more like 25 gems for that amount of work. :stuck_out_tongue:


Signing out doesn’t seem to do anything. It changes based on the reset but should be noted that a reset won’t happen unless you load from the start. In other words if you were to say not get a chance to get to level 15 on monday and say dont want to lose out on your 16 glory you could put your ps4 in rest mode assume something similar on xbone and then come back the next day and play until you’re rank 1 log out and close the app and log in for a new bonus. also good if you happen to need to stop playing and you have an easy first task. keep it until you get one you don’t want to do like 20 invasions then login for the first time.