PS4 Task to win battle with Khetar banner not completing


On PS4 I received the task to win a battle using the Khetar banner. I changed my banner on my team as suggested and invaded in pvp. I won but the task did not complete. I then tried to set Khetar as my home kingdom on top of equipping the banner. I again played a pvp game and won without the task completing.

I will try again using quests and challenges to see if the task completes with them. I will update as soon as I test the other battle types.


Do a Quest or Challenge in Khetar and it will succeed.


Thank you. This did work. I first did a quest in Adana to see if it worked outside of Khetar and it did not complete.


Yeah that’s one of the many incorrectly worded tasks. When you get the win a battle using * banner, you actually need to fight someone who is using it. The easiest way to do that is by completing a quest or challenge in that banner’s kingdom as the opponent will be using it.

It doesn’t actually matter what banner you use.