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Is Tzatzoth supposed to have a 90% devour rate?

In the raid battles, It almost devours every time. Anyone else getting this or am I the high curve?

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Yup 20% and he ate me often :slight_smile:

Same,he ate me 5 out of 5 times,sadness.

I noticed the same in raid with mao troop of mine. its 20% dodge trait works 90% of the time

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Btw i don’t say it’s broken, i like the challenge, i just don’t like to wait cause im out of sigils :stuck_out_tongue:

60% of the time, it works every time - brian fantana
I’m joking but that’s also sad but true with a lot of percent based skills in this game.

I have yet to get devoured in raid…though I suppose now that I’ve said that it’ll likely be 100% going forward…


yup you are jinxed

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Devour and Deathmark turns the battles into a rollercoaster of uncertainty…:sweat_smile:

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Exactly why I didn’t post here!
Oh F- :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I ran into a strong enough raid boss that I can kill him but the other three (one of which is Tzatzoth) seem to take a lot longer. My last two sigils last night were losses becauses everytime Tzatzoth fired - he devoured. Ate my whole team on the second fight.

In my raid battles tzatzoth would be close to 20 percent but in one game he got three devours. Lots of times he did nothing as well

Well, I fought more than 150 fights fo sure and he ate me only twice maybe, so I pressume you are just taking the devours that were meant to eat me xP

it seems to me all 100%

The % chances do seem to be higher than the troop card would indicate in Raid Boss fights. I got stuck on one boss level because Tzathoth devoured me 4 games in a row. Only beat him finally because I killed him before he could cast.

Now I’m confused - I assumed it was 100%.

I don’t think there was a time he didn’t devour me.

Recall bias is a thing. That being said, it always feels like more when its devour lol.

I thought that, but then realised it’s actually his Barrier - which he gets from his spell - blocking the attack - I think you may be seeing this more?

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