Kerberos devour chance is wrong

According to his Underworld skill, Kerberos has a 40% chance to devour his enemy. In reality its more like a 15% chance. I can use it 5 times in a row and it won’t devour anyone. And yes I’m taking into account the enemy team and all their skills and the one’s who are immune to it. I see that other people on here have already made complaints similar to this, but nothing has been done. You should have it say he has a 25% to devour someone, or fix it so he actually has a 40% chance to devour his enemy.

The AI will devour the players troops 65% of the time. So it all balances out to 40%.


There is 40% roll for EACH individual fire. Even if you fire it 10 tiles, it can miss all 10, or succeed all 10.
I’ve actually mised devours with Irongut with 95 and 97 attack (95% and 97% chance to devour).

40% is in reality pretty low, as is even less than half. Averagely, out of 10 fire, it will miss 6 times or more…

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