What is with the percentages

Is it just me or does 20-30 for the a.i. Seem more like 95% as opposed to 30% when your attacking or using a percentage based troop…they never do not spawn and rarely ever do not dodge when trying to hit them with skulls…I on the other hand get obliterated

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I am sure others are in agreement here. We’ve all been felt leaving cheated by unlikely percentages. Back to back megavore instakill, double or triple instakill from doom boss, impossible to hit monkey disciples and so on. I find it hard to believe sometimes that the numbers aren’t amended (for AI) as difficulty increases but you just have to accept it and laugh it off. The biggest issue is still how AI “cheats” by making moves that a real player wouldn’t make, only for the resultant cascade of incoming gems to give them a serious advantage. We can’t make moves based on knowledge of what’s incoming and AI should be governed by the same principle.


We’ve got both biases here: confirmation bias and recall bias.

Means we’re still expecting to see the odds against us and as high as before, and we only really remember when we do as opposed to when we don’t.

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Only notice that with the thieves spawn talent. I think the chance is 30%? But feels like 90%.

I sometimes have incredible luck too, like Black Manacle devouring 2 troops at once in pvp.

On the other hand I wouldn’t mind if The Possessed King fails more often with his transformation in pvp. Has caused me to lose some times.

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Another thing to note is that random in this game tends to be streaky - to have streaks of certain result.

Lately I’ve been using a lot of Irongut in delves. With attack of 58 (thus, 58% chance to devour) there are days when it devours on the first try in every room I cast it, but then (for example, this actually happened today) comes a streak when it misses ten times in a row. Next room, devours on first try. Next room - eight misses in a row. One devour. Another eight misses in a row. And next delve was again first or second try devour in each room.

I don’t really know what to make out of it. Is it normal? Abnormal? Should I complain? Eh, I just move on.

Iron gut is unusual in that you can practically guarantee devour with the right support troops. Without that guarantee I don’t think he is worth including. RNG will always be streaky in the same way that coin flipping is. But when AI refuses a quad skull match in preference of an innocuous looking 3 match, only to thwart your poised next move with a cascade that puts it firmly back in control of the board…well that’s not RNG in my eyes. As humans we weigh up the visible board and make our move. How many times have you ignored a quad skull on the off chance that what drops into the board will prove even more beneficial. And how come my whole team gets frozen when I make a quad match against a mab team when I have no status effects and it’s still my turn. So many bugs now it’s hard to build a reliable team…especially in the realm of new troops etc having spells and affixes that aren’t defined: spell ‘TBD’ for example.

58% yeap. When I was playing regularly. My favorite mini game was to count the streak of unsuccessful Devours in a row from a daily batch of 3 Delves. Its incredible how many days you can “almost” get to 10 in a row with a greater than 50% chance.

The pRNG in Gems is, and has always been super streaky.