If Mana surge worked as effectively as Kerboros 50%

I decided to be a masochist and go up against Kerberos teams this week …here’s what I found

Game 1
Kerberos fired off 2 times - devoured twice

Game 2
Kerberos fired off 3 times - devoured three times

Game 3
Kerberos fired off 2 time - devoured twice

Game 4
Kerberos fired off 3 times - devoured twice

I actually would love to see my mana surge kick off this much since it’s greater than 50% now

No more self inflicting pain.

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Sometimes this game is f***ing ridicolous.


Conversely, try using Kerberos yourself. If devour happens even 1 out of 10 times, buy a lottery ticket.


Once Bone Dragon gets its long awaited nerf, I’m going to place my bets and predict that Kerberos/GS/FG teams will become the dominant meta :wink:

I second this prediction. Dont forget kraken :slight_smile:

Also, Death Mark in the hands of the CPU is pretty unbelievable.

Ya I totally agree…hence why I don’t have Kerberos on a team. I have gotten him to devour once while he was on a team…

That’s crazy how the game goes. I had 2 fights with one and thank god his devours didn’t eat my troop but have been there with one eating 3! :scream:

Unlucky, but not that unlucky - a 50% chance happening 9 out of 10 times happens just under 1% of the time.

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Didn’t they say Devour was getting “looked at” as well? I just woke up so… I could just have temporary brain-itis until I get 3 coffees into me

That’s news to me…

My money is on this explanation… :smiley:


You are sooooooooo right about that. :joy:

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