How can 20% = 3 Devours in one fight

You know between Death Mark and Devour I am just about to give up on PVP. The only up side to this loss was the 500 gold Rock Spirit brought in.

Devour is not 20% firing off. HECK someone please explain to me - 100% - 3 times in a match? (Black Manacles)

That isn’t 20%.

That isn’t random

If I solely built a team to include all 4 to be Cannot be targeted by spells…well that really limits my playing ability.

I try avoiding them… It is getting harder and harder to. I see almost every team now containing at least two of these kinds (I’m in the 7-8k troop total, so what is presented to me are higher end - powerful teams) even though my ranking is down in the 20k.

Dev - I know that you have reviewed what to do, the mechanics, but until we can pick our Traits to put on our troops - this is just way way way overpowering the game.

If you think it’s overpowering now, I cannot imagine what being able to pick traits would do… Seriously, the balance would be so far gone it’s not even on the same planet…

The problem is that we only remember what frustrates us, if everything works well it doesn’t tend stick out in our mind. On the other hand if we have one bad game it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Food for thought:
How many matches do you remember your devour/deathmark going off and helping you in a match?

Now how many matches can you recall where devour/deathmark went off on you and you suffered for it?

I honestly do not believe any of the devour abilities/deathmark are firing off more then they should. The times they do and we get put in a bind because of it just leaves an unpleasant taste in our mouth.

The same can be said for cascades.
I had a match recently where on turn two, the computer proceeded to loop Dragon Soul enough to wipe my ENTIRE team on turn two. I was swearing off a storm and insanely pissed. On the other hand, while I cannot remember the specific instances, I know I have pulled something similar off on the AI numerous times and didn’t think anything of it other then AWESOME.


Never ask an OCD/Stats person a question like this :laughing: You should see some of the weird things I track in PVP in a spreadsheet

Seriously Death Mark and the Undead Snotling - I actually started tracking Revenant because I saw a pattern that wasn’t the same I had seen with Death Mark. That fired off EVERY time and during the opponent’s turn (so I never got a chance)

For Devour - I didn’t do for Kerberos or Sand Worm so I don’t know other than what I have read in the forum. But I started to track for Black Manacles since I had played them as a Hero for over 200 battles and never once fired off for me a devour. But I kept running into AI teams that it would fire off.

(And yes I did this for traitstone farming in explore mode before anyone asks, to see stats wise the drop rate of arcane and runic stones)

Now however on Dragon Soul or Bone Dragon, there is a working chance that you still will be able to respond. I have never had either one of those kill ALL team on the first turn. And there are many many ways to counter that even just shield bonuses and such. Devour there is NOTHING other than one ‘Trait’ on a selected few troops that can stop that.

AI chance of devour/death mark enemies is more like 80%.
Player chance is way less than 20%.

I am not just plucking a number out of thin air or I am not having recall bias. Every game I have I make a note good or bad. How many first turn deathmarks for me vs AI. How many death mark kills for AI in one game vs player. Devour chance/amount of times for the AI is far greater than what is shown.

1647 matches ( with devour/death mark going being activated at least once)and counting though not every game it happens so reaching 2500 will take awhile lol.When I get to 2500 I will display my findings. That should be a decent sample size :slight_smile:


Well I certainly agree the AI feels like it gets off things like devour/death mark more then 20%, i simply attributed it to recall bias and moved on. I don’t want to take the time to track these things.

That said, I certainly look forward to your findings @Nono2506 (and anyone else that is tracking this stuff), it will be a real interesting read for me.

Another STAT Person ----ahhhh I feel we could start a club. Thank you. I would very much like to read that too. (Btw, I don’t know if you’re tracking this but I am - how many teams I keep running into now at my current level that have 1 or more Devour or Deathmark troop on it)

And I too noticed the same thing (Since I have Black Manacles and thought FINALLY I might get somewhere in PVP - but nope)

On a separate note, my Goblins Defense team for some reason this week is winning more than it has in the past. Need to take a look at who is it beating.

I will also continue to record it after 2500 up to maybe 10000 but I would estimate that to take about four to five months.

I shall deal with this sample size and going by my current pace should have my data in 10-11days. :slight_smile:


I was up against a fully traited Archer team today, first two skull matches killed my first 2 troops. Then their Hero with Manacles devoured my 3rd troop in its first turn, had Mercy left so leaved the game. Such things happens, but not very often, but when it does happens it feels like a rock hitting the face.

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I especially love it when archer’s 15% chance fires off three times in one ****ing turn.

Insta-kill mechanics are the dumbest ****ing mechanic ever.

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I have reached my 2500 battles.
Time to compile and organise the data and should be uploaded later today,


What’s fun is when Death casts, then all your troops die instantly.


Waiting to hear the outcome.

Thank you so very much for this feat of stats!!

Ya I had that happen last week - Not a pretty sight.

It was more like 100% for me last week. With the purple event I saw a lot of Kerberos and every single time they got a cast off they got a devour. With Minogor doing triple damage to whoever I wanted I always killed the Kerberos first so it was only about 6 or 7 times a Kerberos cast but it still got the devour every time and it was always Dragon Soul.


Pretty much every single time I’m against Kraken I put Behemoth in last slot and almost every cast ‘Impervious’ pops up.

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I’m on PS4, in the top guild, usually top 20-30 on the leaderboard… Kerb seems to trigger way more than 50% under CPU control. I would guess it is more like 75%. Much like how the CPU will take a meaningless 3-match near the top of the board, then suddenly gems cascade for literally a minute straight and the whole team is charged up and still active. That is what makes certain troops and Famine or Bone Dragon really an issue.