Is this guy for real?



One calling out your own guildmate is a little bold. Two it is probably just graphical errors, or he/completely disenchant every troop they are not actively using


umm it’s a dead guild except that guy where my level 28 pc account lives…


Looks like she only keeps troop she uses. Seems a bit odd to me, but we all play the game differently.


pretty weird… at almost level 1000 and with dk armor… you’d expect em to have almost everything… also they are in a really bad guild, he could easily be in a top 10 guild…


I like the fact that the op is looking through the guild roster and sees that and is like this fish is swimming in the opposite direction than everyone else.


if there was anyway to see his steam name, I’d say a top guild should try to snatch him up…


It’s possible that this person might have just earned the VIP level that starts all troops at level 10 and simply disenchanted any troops that he got to mythic that he didn’t use in his normal teams. So ultimately when he gets them again they will start at level 10.

If he were in the top guilds this wouldn’t be a BAD option necessarily if he is simply a patient person. But the fact that he might have done this in a lower level guild is puzzling…