First Mythic Guild (Level 500)


Number one guild has finally reached mythical status:


You mean 500 is the max?


No, 500 isn’t max, but level 500 is when heros become mythical.



Would you mind posting a pic of your guild’s ranks?
I’m curious how high the numbers get.



Masteries are at +87 all.


Sorry, I meant under Guild Management:


Absurdly high numbers :slight_smile:

Rank 2s are level 500+ (mythics)
Rank 4s are the newer members going as low as level 113
Rank 3s are the rest, ranging from level 250 - 499
Rank 1 is Serale who watches over guild acitivity when Sammy left, but Sammy kept the leadership with Serale even when he came back.


What do the numbers mean? The first before the / is the number of members in that rank, I can see that. What is the second?


The second number is the number of possible players that can hold that rank. It is a bit of a weird over site since it is only currently possible to have 30 people in a guild.


Exactly, which is why I didn’t get it. Lol.


@tacet, I did not leep leadership when I left, I was just an adviser. @Serale kept the guild growing by himself, he’s good!


So many cats…


You automaticaly change to a lion when reaching level 1000. :kissing:


Over half the guild are lions. xD

In all fairness, I was a dragon prior to 1.0.8, but I haven’t bothered with the new file system since all the files were modified. Cats are the next best species though. :3


Go us… perhaps @Sirrian can arrange us a new mythic-style frame :slightly_smiling:


Cat should be mandatory for our guild! All others would be “copy cats”.


Congrats! Very cool.



My charecter is Human because I’ve to tame all those Lions. :'D


Well, even if Tacet-chan jump ahead to post this, I still had to make the oficial annoucement to make sure our Recruitment is advertised, please check it too. Match Masters Level 500! —