Is there a team list of Current/Past Metas?

Now that i have the majority of the cards in the game, I’d like to try out the “new and old” Meta teams…like gobtruffle team…Irongut team…ishballa/ropedart…so if any of you have a list of those teams…shoot them to Me…thanks

Ooooooh I love this!!!

One of the old metas I loved (and hated) was:

  • Khorvash (sometimes)
  • Justice
  • Mab
  • Whatever else someone was vibing.

This was also veeeeery big for ages:

  • Divine Protector
  • Divine Ishbaala
  • Ubastet

A few troops had entire metas around them! Such as:

  • Bone dragon
  • Wisp
  • Fizzbang
  • Manticore (that was back in the day.)

Dust Devil x4 was very briefly a meta team, back when its damage scaled with its magic stat. (That was an irritating period of time, facing off against 4 empowered AoE troops.)


Right now this is my go to pvp team.

Trident Banner/Titan

Forest Troll
Queen Beetrix
Doomed Glaive
The Possessed King

It can deal with the majority of teams out there. It may not be “Meta,” I would consider it more of a “staple” team for me. By staple I mean if its possible to use, I’ll use it. In any mode.

If you can fill Forest Troll on the first turn and have a decent amount of green on the board the battle is pretty much over.

Double Kraken with Forest Troll and Sea Troll was a menace for some time. Until Kraken got nerfed into the Stone Age!

It was Kraken 90% of the time for the mab, Infernus 95% of the time for divines, and for one day only, just fizzbang.

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Psion/Ragnagord/Famine/Infernus was the bane of many people for a period of time.

The Great Maw/Mercy used to give people some trouble too.

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This is a fun idea. One suggestion - rewatch old @tacet videos to see what he was recommending 4 years ago: Gems of War – Best PvP Teams - YouTube

Being able to target enemy troops with Princess Elspeth was fun for the few days that it lasted!

Anyone remember when the original dragons like Sheggra were META?

Been a long time, but I remember my butt being handed to me more than once when I was starting out :joy:

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Some of these are really cool, keep em coming

3xSkeleton + Prismatic Orb, back when Skelton gained attack instead of armor.
Glade Warden/Centaur Scout when True Shot was 100%
Wraith/Courage/Bone Dragon
Dark Troll/Elemaumgrin/Infernus/Umberwolf before everybody became empowered
Emperor Khorvash/Valkyrie/Crimson Bat/Mercy
Forest Troll 2xKraken
Great Maw + anybody when Maw devoured on any skull match
Mercy/Alchemist/Infernal King/Sheggra

The list goes on.


There’s more out there. Like the ropedart teams… Like the yao gui teams and stuff like TPK teams… Let’s see what you got