Is there a forum just for Guild Leaders?

I looked through all the boards I could think of, but the only thing I saw even a little close to this question was about recruiting, and that’s not normally an issue for us. (I mean, yeah, we have a couple of slots open, but that’s not the point.)

Do Guild Leaders ever get together to discuss strategies and engagement methods? What kinds of rules or weekly requirements do you maintain and why? What sort of incentives or participation guidelines do you like to use?

I’ve had my guild for a bit over two years now, and while I’ve gotten a bit of off-site support, I’m still curious if there are any more official places to have these discussions.

(I can’t imagine that guilds would be so competitive that they’d never talk about stuff like this?)

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Quite a few don’t.

But many others would share their methodologies if asked, I’m sure; just look at their respective discords/recruitment threads and you’ll generally see lists of reqs and expectations, which gives a general feel for leadership style and methods, at least.

As many guilds as there are, I can only imagine that that’d be a full time job.

I guess the short answer is, no, there’s nowhere here where Guild Leaders might meet up?

Waaaaaaay back in the day, when forums were probably “more the rage,” we used to have special boards that were only visible to certain groups. In this case, if someone was listed clearly as a Guild Leader, they’d have to be a member of that group and be able to even see those boards.

But, I guess there’s not. Maybe if the devs or forum admins don’t want to go that far, I’d have to make another Discord server. (Hurumph)

Good luck with that. Make sure it’s only for elitist snobs who don’t value the contributions of the peons that serve in their guilds. “The huddled masses are starting to ask questions. We must conspire to keep them in check.”

I may be the lowest rank in my guild, but I’m one of the most powerful Orcs I know. I hold all of Krystara in the palm of my hand. When I make a fist, walls crumble; doors shatter.

Seriously tho, the GoW is fairly helpful. Ask a question, and you will most likely get a lot of thoughtful answers and positive feedback. My brother was a guild leader on PS4 for about 6 months. Would you silence him because he is no longer a guild leader? Is my feedback less valued because I chose not to run a guild?

There are a lot of good guild leaders out there to learn from, and some bad ones as well. All those dead guilds you mentioned in your other thread, would you like to talk with them about what they did wrong? They’d probably tell you that they ignored their members, and treated them unfairly.


I’ve had my guild for over two years, but it’s not the first game-related community (or community at all) that I’ve run. Absolutely, YES, listening to your members is the most important thing you can do! Guild Leaders who ignore that aren’t just doomed to failure, they’re doomed to not learn anything at all. Just because I started the guild doesn’t mean I know everything about the game, and it would be really boring if I did.

For the last… very long times… I’ve believed that running a community is about the community first, and the shared interests - not matter how cool - are always secondary.

The first rule of the internet should always be: REMEMBER THE HUMAN. And that’s regardless of what position or rank you have.

I really appreciate your perspective, ChunkyMono. It means a lot. <3