Forum Request: Password Protected Topics

I don’t know if it’s possible to implement, but it would be useful for things such
as a private Guild Chat if one could restrict access to members of said guild.

Case in point:


For MatchMasters we use a Facebook group and also a private group on which someone set up…

Given that they can restrict access to the lounge to ‘regulars’ there might be the ability here to have private groups…

Btw, @dhjl you still don’t have a title :grin:

So how would a thing like that be moderated, if each guild could potentially have their own private forum? Would the devs and/or regulars have access? In latter case it’s not very private, and in the former it’s just extra work for the devs. Since there are so many other ways for guilds to communicate, I am against this idea :sweat:

Some people play on steam. Some people don’t have facebook. Guild chat is still all but useless.

Guild leadership is extremely time consuming for absolutely no reward beyond the “prestige” of leading a top guild, and now that I’m trying to take it seriously, I’m running into more and more frustrating hurdles.

At this point my guild does its recruiting exclusively on the GoW forums. It’s the only place I am guaranteed at least an opportunity to post information that won’t be completely gone in 8 hours of light guild chatting.

Guild leaders need an effective method of private centralized dissemination of information in order to lead effectively. My guild is stacked with awesome people, and currently their gratitude is enough to encourage me to keep trying, but if the development team adds any more depth to guild leadership without giving us the tools we need to effectively organize the guild, orchestrate efforts, and hold private discussions, gratitude will not be enough.

I know this isn’t specifically Sirrian and Nimhain’s fault, and I don’t blame them, but they need to light a fire under their publisher’s ass to support their playerbase a little more. Paying for a few hours of web development to allow the creation of private guild forums, or just a private guild thread would go a long way in terms of generating good will with players in leadership positions. In the long term, a gesture like this results in more player recruiting, more player retention, and most importantly for GoW’s publisher’s, MORE MONEY.

So I guess to sum things up Mitheithel, I disagree.


I know when playing MPQ we used Line or GroupMe. Both allowed us to set up multiple channels, password protect them, and easily communicate. I preferred GroupMe for simplicity and flexibility. The multiple channels allowed for Alliance Announcements, ans separate groups for live chat for shield-hopping coordination.

I would think that setting up private threads on here could be done, but causes monitoring issues. Not that you have anything nefarious going on. Your looking to keep some information to your alliance only, but anytime you allow threads to be hidden, you have the chance to get unwanted content in them.

Guild-specific forums would be very useful but difficult to implement…

We definitely need them though, because not everyone wants to join a FB group or something.

it does sounds complicated. It would either means giving all guild leaders forum admin access, or the current admins would have to personally manage every request to add new members into a specific guild channel. Considering there are probably 1000+ guilds around, that amount of workload can be intimidating to think about.

I think a chat-room for each guild would be extremely useful.

I do not disagree that the guilds need some love, that they need a much better system for communication, that they need a better way to manage things. What I am objecting to is the idea of private forums here. I just think it’s not the right place. In game is where these things should occur. Most players don’t ever visit the forums, so why would primary communication happen here, where most would never read it? A guild leader can tell their guild to visit, but it would only be a request. In game messaging, better in-guild message boards, and pm’ing would be the best way to ensure that the message gets across.


I misunderstood you. My bad.

I completely agree. I guess I didn’t even consider that a realistic enough possibility to have it come to mind. lol

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It’s all good, I wasn’t being clear in my first post. :thumbsup:

Passwords are perilous. User leaves guild or is kicked, feels angry, posts password to general forum, lots of people read “private” forum before password can be changed.

Technologically, it should be possible for the forum to just know, along with which player you are, which guild you’re currently in, and have one guild forum just appear on your list. That would be sweet. However the costs of that integration may not be worth the benefits.

Better guild experience is on the dev’s roadmap I know.

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