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Is there a current tier list? So many cards seem like CRAP

Hi. Love this game, but there seems to be A TON of garbage cards. I’m Level 63 and have five legendaries so far (all f2p). They seem like the best cards I own. I suppose there could be certain team compositions that would work, but is it true that most are useless?

Is there a tier list or deck lists to look at for newer players?


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Get with a good guild and they should be able to tell you what the best one to trait up would be. You can also get a permalink from www.gowdb.com so that your guild mates can see what troops you have without playing Go-Fish for hours.

It would be safe to say that MOST (technically) are useless, but only at a lategame point in time. Until then, any card is really fair game to the creative mind. Some cards don’t shine until placed in the right group, while others shine gloriously until you realize that there are loads of other teams out there that surpass this once insurmountable teammate. It’s really as far as the mind can conceive until you get late game, at which point, you would be right in that most cards become useless, and certain teams dominate. That’s why I’m all for mechanics and troops that are introduce that shake apart the concrete lategame meta.

You’re still low-level… absolutely everything is useful, the key is having the right team around it to offset its weaknesses and buff its strengths.

Enjoy the variety and experiment! Think outside the box. Us end-game players (who are forced to use one of maybe 2 teams per day that have a realistic shot at winning Guild Wars fights) are a little jealous.


You can always peruse troops via filtering by “Base Rarity” and such in the Troops Menu (may involve a lot of scrolling down).

You can sort to see the ones not owned, as well, giving you a better idea of what’s out there and what you may want to look out for.

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