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Is the game available for MAC?

I have the mobile version, however id like to know if I can download it on my MAC. I see that its on steam, but only for windows. Will I just have to get it in the IOS app store?

I have the pc version on my Mac but I run it through cross over and wine loader so you would need to download both of those programs. Also cross over is only free for 4 weeks (I think) after that you must pay a fee to use cross over.

There isn’t a Mac client version, and probably won’t be. It’s already very difficult for the devs to test on the platforms they have, and adding another would make it worse. Yes, Unity helps with making cross-platform games, but there are always tiny details you have to manage.

As Kay93x pointed out, via Wine and other tools it’s possible to run GoW on a Mac, but it takes a bit of tinkering. I’ve never successfully pulled it off with just Wine, but then I had a Windows machine in a closet so it was easier to fire that up.