Experience setting up parallels/crossover to play on Macbook OS?


Can anyone please help me set up my Macbook to operate the windows version of steam? I tried to use crossover last night and only get sound but no graphics. Any suggestions? Guides? Tried until 3AM to no avail, very limited and convoluted information via googling. Thanks in advance!

Happy holidays everyone! :smile:


Since nobody is answering I will share my experience with Parallels. I have never tried Crossover, so no insight from me there.
Parallels runs super with many operating systems, Linux, Windows, Chrome. You can even run a different copy/version of Mac OS X if you want.
Parallels is able to use bootcamp, so if you install Windows in a bootcamp partition first, and install Parallels afterwards, it can use that partition to run Windiws inside Mac OS X. This makes it possible to choose how you want to run Windows, as a native OS or piggybacking inside Mac OS X.
I use Windows under Parallels almost daily for clients who use Windows software that I need to access. So far I have never run into programs that have problems. Including Steam and GoW.

So if you installed everything the way it should, then it might be that there is a more specific problem. For example, GoW is an Adobe Air application, so make sure you have installed the latest version from www.adobe.com.

Hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need any more help.

On a side note: I am still wondering why there is no Mac version of GoW, since Adobe Air is also available for Mac OS X. But apparently it’s not that easy. Perhaps the devs can say something about that, and maybe they have a Mac version coming up, @Sirrian, @Nimhain or @Full?


I tried installing Adobe Air. Didn’t work, unfortunately! :frowning: Thanks for the suggestion. I made a boot jump drive with Ubuntu on it, but for some reason I could not get the partitioning on my Macbook to work. It hangs at “resizing”…I have no idea. In any event, I’m pretty computer illiterate…does this game even run in Linux? Would I be playing with you guys? Sooooo confused.


You could buy, borrow or steal an iPad. :slight_smile: That’s what I’m playing on mostly.


I have an iPad…I’m just crazy stubborn :stuck_out_tongue:

So If I play on my iPad I can play with everyone on here/on the pc, etc.?


Btw, I don’t know how far you got in the game and what level you have achieved so far, but be aware that you need to start from scratch on PC or mobile (including tablet). These platforms cannot be linked to consoles.


Yes! Absolutely, but mind my previous post!


I’m going to keep working on getting it to run via crossover or boot camp assistant bla bla bla, idk really what I’m even saying. Now when I use boot camp assistant it said that I need to format the jump drive to FAT…which I did in disk utility but it still says that so now I’m stuck there :stuck_out_tongue: …and this is why computer people will rule the world someday hehe


I’m lost here, to be able to help you out, I would need to sit at the Mac. Sorry.


I know…it’s one of those things. Unfortunately. I just need basic steps like: go to Best Buy. Get Windows. Come home, put it in, and presto magico I can GOW :smile: No but really, I’m not that stupid with computers but it just wasn’t working for me and too much technical babble. Essentially I tried to load linux but it wasn’t giving me the option to install “alongside” OS. Additionally, when I was trying to partition the drive to space off like 40 gigs for this whole mess, it would always hang in disk utility at the “resizing” step (if you show details). When I tried to just use Boot Camp Assistant, I get to the part where it says put in a jump drive with FAT, and I do, and it doesn’t recognize it. So ya. I’ll perhaps have my brother in law check it out :slight_smile: Thanks though!