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Is Chat unreliable for anyone else?

I have been struggling with in-game Chat ever since it was released. At least half of the time I try to enter Chat, it claims it can’t connect to the server (tried both mobile and PC). When I do eventually connect, it frequently “drops” messages I send (they are sent, usually, but they don’t echo back to me). If I close and immediately reopen the chat window, it’ll often attempt to reconnect (but I never left!). And unless I explicitly “Leave” the Chat, my game will frequently start to hitch during all other activities (troop menu, in matches, everywhere). While I appreciate the desire to make the game a more social experience, so far I’ve had more negative experiences with Chat than positive.

Oh, and can we get the message length limit increased, please? I don’t like having to break up sentences into chunks…

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The entire chat system needs a rework.

  • Fewer channels with all channels with predetermined names.
  • One channel used as the “go to” global chat
  • Increased character limit
  • Profile page when clicking on someone’s name that will show level and other important information

I’m pretty sure they will do these things whenever they add an in game friends list.


I have to quit and reload GoW in order to see any chat lines other than my own that have come in since I last launched. I play on an iphone 6.

I haven’t had issues getting into the Chat function (only for guild chat) but I have noticed lines dropped both from my inputs and my guild-mates. A longer input length would be nice too.

I mostly want them to consolidate channels and kick everyone to channel 1 by default so chat feels more vibrant.

Timestamps, guys, we also need timestamps.


I just get randomly asked if I want to join global chat