Is Cedric Sparklesack not a guaranteed drop if you win the vault?

I got my very first vault key in 2 years of playing, won the vault, and got crap from it. No Cedric, and less resources than if I would have just played PVP for about 10 min.

What gives? Is cedric not a guaranteed drop?

If not, what’s the point of literally getting 1 key per 1000 hours of gameplay? The vault seems completely useless given what it takes to get into it if it’s no better than killing a few PVP rounds with a few random gnomes thrown in.

Cedric is not guaranteed. You can play the Vault for a chance of getting the troops, and if you play in a guild able to defeat the Raid Boss/Towers many times you all can earn a Vault Key during these weeks.

It’s about luck, sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t.

The Vault pool is completely random, like gnome rewards. The Vault troops are very rare within that pool.

I don’t like it either. You have to encounter a rare Treasure Gnome, beat it, then you have an RNG chance to get a Vault Key, then you have an RNG chance to get a troop.

Too many things in this game are gated behind winning multiple RNG rolls. :frowning: