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Vault/Gnome Events

@Saltypatra @Cyrup @Ozball @Sirrian

Question: What are the differences between Vaults during and not during a Vault Event?

Is there a difference between them in terms of quality of possible loot? Or is there just an increased chance of encountering gnomes, coupled with an increased chance of them dropping a Vault key?

Is there a point to saving Vault keys to use during a Vault Event as opposed to using them as soon as they are acquired? Besides the possible chance for Cedric’s posse to drop additional Vault keys?

Any insight would help as I haven’t seen anything but speculation on the matter.

Thank you very much!

As you said, the only difference with everyday and Weekend Vault Event is just Gnomes’ Increase chance of dropping Vault keys.

So, when playing a Vault Battle, each 3 Treasure Gnomes have a chance of droping Vault Keys, slightly more if you play it in Weekend Vault Event. That’s why players prefered to hoard Vault Keys to play at that time instead for extra chance of more Vault Keys.

I don’t think Cedric Sparklesack himself can drop a Vault Key.

Also, another reason players hoarding Vault Keys is to get new The Vault’s troop that get released. But consider only Cedric’s drop pool, it’s the same everytimes in or out of the event.