Is Ace of Cups in vault yet?

As the title says, has it been added to the vault drops yet?

Doubtful. It hasn’t been 2 months since the end of the Zhul Kari pass, and it could be up to 3 months wait. 2 months will be April 5.

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Kingdom Pass took place Monday, Jan 02, 2023 - Sunday, Feb 05, 2023.
Devs, as always, only roughly estimated in the news when it can be expected in Vault:

“The Tarot card for this event is the Ace of Cups. Once this Kingdom Pass ends, it will go into the Vault after 2-3 months.”

But it can surely be expected before we get the canceled vault event to take place.
Because as we’ve been told “we already got the extra”. :wink:


Thing is, other troops from the kingdom pass seem to get added automatically. They always show up 3 months after the start of the kingdom pass, they became available this Monday. Apparently legendary troops (Ace of Cups and Silken Queen) need to get added manually, which always happens up to a lot of weeks later, because nobody feels responsible for doing it.


It is not released into the vault. Generally, there will be an in-game announcement of its release when its available (I know its not always accurate but its a good idea to wait)