Need info about previous journey troops

Pyrophesus & Ace of Wands from 2 Journeys ago (Broken Spire).
Silken Queen & Ace of Cups from previous Journey (Zhul’Kari).

Specifically, when will they be available in chests? (They are not right now). The Broken Spire troops, at least, should have been put in after last Journey.


Kingdom Pass content gets added to Chests 2-3 months after the Kingdom Pass ends

We put a note in the weekly event blog when a tarot card is released into the Vault.

I will try to get a more specific timeline for Troop releases into Chests and Vault.

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Thanks for checking on this, especially the troops from 2 events ago. I’m sure you’re all aware of this too, but 2-3 months is not really a great way of communicating a release date. It’s just going to create work for you when these threads are made biweekly for the rest of time.