Invite to guild problem


We are trying to invite a new player Akai_tenshi (invite code: FIONA) in our guild BLaCkGoLD , but the player doesn’t receive our invite.
I and other player from the guild sent invites but the Akai_tenshi still doesn’t receive it. I lowered the level requirement of our guild but still it doesn’t work. Akai_tenshi says is playing on mobile so that’s not the problem either.
Thanks for the help.


Is the player currently in a guild (just checking)?


Just send a ticket to support. They can manually make sure that the invite reaches the player…


The player is not currently in other guild and I don;t get any error when I send the invite. I sent a ticket. Thanks for help


I didn’t see any obvious problems when I tried yesterday either - I was on my iPhone, typed in FIONA at the invite screen and got the message that the player was available, and sent it.


Problem solved, thanks all


Hi All,

Glad to see the problem has been solved.
We are happy to help when there are problems.

Gems Of War Support