Issue with inviting friends to guild

I am trying to invite my friends to my guild, but I have an issue inviting friends who have numbers after their invite codes. Two of my friends have that, and when I type it in to the search, it says “does not exist”. I have tried all combinations with spaces between, or without spaces. The only ones that exist are the ones without the numbers, which I am pretty sure are not my friends because I tried that and they did not receive an invitation. Please help! Thanks

I’m not looking for an invite but just a suggestion - my invite code ends in numbers but there is an underscore between the name and numbers ( _ ). Have you tried that?


Yes, this is frequently a display issue.
There is an invisible underscore that most mobile can’t display for some reason.
So for example, if your friend names shows: Brian 28

Then in your invite interface you should try: Brian_28


Thank you!! <3