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Invisible Hero Visual Glitch

Not quite sure yet what triggered it, but during my stream today my hero turned invisible. It was fine on the top left on the main map menu and in the hero profile, but whenever it cast or was shown in the customization tab it was completely invisible. No other heros appeared invisible during battles despite mine always being invisible when casting weapons. The icon of the hero card was visible in battle though.

Here are some screenshots of it from the hero customization menu:

I haven’t seen the female human face in weeks, whether I use it or another player does, it doesn’t load.

Yours is the first time I’ve seen everything vanish though.

It took some searching but I found you:

Click to see full image.


Strangely my hero disappeared too a couple of days ago.

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Maybe you should put GoW down and try leaving the house?


Oof! If I throw one that slow over the plate, guess I should expect it to get knocked out of the park.

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