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[Investigating] Incorrect GW Scores

lost the bracket for a bug, is not correct

That time of the month again, sadly.

I have checked BD and PG actual data so theirs 1st:

BD - Despite out impressive win on Yellow day (260,021) we had a bugged score. 1st fight for the day, 3278, was not counted, recorded per fight scores to confirm, API showing 6,358 for the day with the 5 wins. Before someone asks, yes 24 unique troops. This dropped down to our bottom 3 fights, costing us 82 points. Not much, but its still bugged.

PG - Green day, they had 1 of their players scores not counting, getting a 7,808 with 5 wins, dropping 1,658 points which assumes 4th or 5th fight for the day for that player.

Thankfully both of these did not effect the rankings.

Due to lack of data, I do not have complete data for B3 or below, but I believe that 30 seconds 2 match was bugged as well in b4, thankfully not effecting their ranking.

Ok, now the general bugs, again I do not have access to their individual fight data, so I can only provide amounts. If the guilds want to look for the bug themselves in their own fights, I can help with that if they would like.

Bracket 1:

BD - 82
Na Rass - 1,300
Knights - 1,493
PG - 1,658
Anon - Not bugged. Tarans has old data due to late finisher lol
TBH - 1,388

The other 3 guilds in B1 either did not have a bug, OR the bugged score was not going to be counted anyway.

Bracket 2:

kcv - 6,054 (as posted above in the thread) Thankfully did not stop them coming 2nd, and did not effect their ranking.
YaRebel - 27
Il patto dei lupi - 3,014 This has caused them to score less than Light Army and will end up dropping a bracket down to B3.

This is all I have at this point in time, but as I said, I am happy to help people find the bugs if they think their score was bugged or just to confirm, but this gets easier to find when you have active and communicative guild members who stuff.

@Saltypatra I know you are sick of hearing about this bug and being pinged in this thread about it. Is there anything else we can do to help with finding this bug? This is nearing 12 months of reported bugs on my end alone, and it has been known by players, and reported about when GW 1st started and was brushed off then.

As this is effecting the rankings, as well as the rewards that players are getting, can it please be moved to a higher priority, as it is starting to effect how players feel about the mode in a more negative light, and as the only true competitive, and IMO the last fun mode in the game, it does not deserve to be pushed to the back like this as it seems to have been done so far from a players perspective.