[Investigating] Descending stairs didn't work

Platform, steam:

clicked on room, got descending stairs, but no option to descend. could not descend.
still cannot.
i am looking down the stairs wistfully

it is asking me if i want to go down. i keep telling it yes, but it just keeps asking.
it is mocking me.


click/tap on it again and descend

Implied that’s what he was already doing and it didn’t work.

i clicked on room. stairs came up but question asking it i wanted to descend did not . it seemed game hiccuped, like it temp lost the connection.

then i clicked on room. then i left dungeon and came back and clicked. then i reloaded game and came back.

clearly a corner case[?]. could possibly be fixed by checking to see if question was ever answered and loading question box if answer is ‘no’.

looked like the bug you get when game crashes when you’re doing a fight in delves, where it won’t let you click on any fights you haven’t done.

Hey @danac

Sorry to hear that you had this happen. Have you encountered this problem again by chance?

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

nope. only happened once.
that’s why i think it was a glitch caused by a hiccup like an interrupted connection or something.

Ascending stairs behind my second picked door today but there was no option to “stay” or “ascend”.

I play on an Android phone

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I’ve seen the stairs appear without the pop-up a few times. But clicking on the stairs again always gave me the popup (and I chose to Stay, because it’s a low-level account).

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Tried that, but it didn’t work. Thanks for suggesting it .

Here’s something new:

Opened 4 panels.
Clicked on stairs and chose to Stay.
Clicked on the final boss but didn’t fight.
Clicked on Dungeon Offers and got the “Stairs already used” error.

Same issue. Opened room and it said fatal error. Now there is no option to stay or go.

Same issue here happened yesterday.

Happened to me today, can’t cause the pop-up to appear. As all fights were done, I can only access pop-up that explains what those 2 traps did. Absolutely nothing happened when click on the stair.

So close to Level 20 too. :pensive:

It seems to be a loading issue, as the stair was the first room I clicked, and Dungeon was the first mode I interacted with as well when I open the game on my Android phone.

I think playing other modes first, and click everything slowly, might be able to prevent this.

The code right now might have a delay in respond, and instead of breaking the progress to next step, it just skipped the choice part somehow.

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I definitely get the same issue on rewards (eg: gems) if I’m clicking too quickly: the pop up doesn’t display. Probably some thread issues. Both on phone and PC.

I think it happens when the stairs is the last door, or happens more likely when the stairs is the last door. Happened to me yesterday with ascending stairs. But clicking on the stairs again activated the popup.