Delve Glitched Out

I am playing on a Samsung Galaxy S6, Android version 6.0.1. I unfortunately don’t have a screen shot or image for this issue.

I was attempting a tier 2 fight with Cedric’s secret camp in the new Delve event, level 30. The fight turned into a loading loop. I think this was because it was tryinh to do a daily reward update at the same time. Since it was stuckin a loop, I had to reset the game and when it loaded the Delve back up, I was treated as if I had run from the fight and the delve was over. Pretty upset since I had 2 rooms left and then boss to finish level 30 and lost out on rewards from fights I likely would have won.

This was a once-of bug, never had it happen to me before.

This would be a hard one to recreate since I believe it happened right when the game attempted to hand out daily rewards AND load a delve event fight at the same time.

Hi @Takimoshi, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I’m really sorry you experienced this issue :frowning: I’ve sent some general battle compensation to your in-game mail, but unfortunately I am unable to compensate for the Delve Sigil.

To confirm, you tried to load the Delve Room when the loading wheel (the big blue one) was spinning before the Tribute comes in (if not, what did you mean by Daily Reward)? Are you using WiFi or 4G? You might also want to check that “Background app refresh” is enabled in Settings for Gems of War.

I am terribly sorry I completely forgot about this report!

Basically what happened is I went to start another room fight in the delve, and the delve room failed to load at all. I got stuck at the loading screen for the fight itself. I restarted the game to try and clear the loop and when I made my way back to the delve, it had closed on me as if I had used the “run away” function. I mean clearly it didn’t bother to terribly much given that I completely forgot to check this. I think I do recall seeing something in my inbox, so I appreciate that!

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Hey Takimoshi, no problem! Please ensure you close the game (completely force close, not just minimise) the game when you’re done playing and at least every hour of play. Ensuring background app refresh is set to Enabled for Gems will also help keep it running smoothly.