Invasion Weekend: Mystic


Returning Invasion Troop: Ahrimas

Ahrimas has returned to lead Mystics during this weekend’s Invasion. You can get them from the Event shop during this event.

New Weapon: Mystic Manuscript

This weekend it will be available in both the Event shop, and in the Soulforge.


Now this is a decent weapon mystic is a strong type and it self enchants and gives itself 4 mana on cast if fully upgraded. Much better than Gobmother’s Wand lol


if this is what we got in the campaign people would be upset as a pay to win weapon…it really is incredible.

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I’ll summarize my disappointment in pictures…


Alright… get where I’m going with this? If you want the additional bonus of +6 Magic for having 4 Karakoth troops, and using your hero, you need to use Sorcerer. But Sorcerer is Daemon class. So the weapons that affect Mystics don’t affect you. If you want the Mystic weapons to affect your Hero, you need to use the Archmagus class. Then you’ll be a Mystic. Except now you lose 6 magic.

Why is Karakoth Hero type still Daemon? Makes no sense. Not to mention that none of the three weapons that affect Mystics or Karakoth troops are purple, so you won’t get the +5 Magic bonus for using a purple weapon (for either Archmagus OR Sorcerer class).


There really seems to be no deeper planning for this kinda stuff some class and hero combinations just work out better. There are multiple Dwarf and Elf and Daemon classes yet no hero class for Wargare. The guardians also have this issue Finesse is yellow and works well with the Stormcaller class and perpetual yellow storm, the weapon uses green and purple and creates yellow and blue which provides mana for them as well. Whereas the Raksha class Sunspear have terrible synergy With Cunning as it produces a perpetual red storm and they use purple also their weapon produces red and brown and uses green and yellow making it a terrible mix all around. It seems like there is very little forethought put into these combinations so these types of outcomes are common.

Do you know these 6 sided colored dice? Seems they use those and it’s just by chance that something matches well.

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That’s a very low bar, though.

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