Invasion (whitehelm)

Alright time to share team again for invasion. This week is divinity week so i already know what im gonna use.

Statue Of ST. Veritas

And what about you guys?

Will depend on what the theme for the defenders will be. Though in your team above @Rickygervais you have indirectly mana starved Ketras. Veritas takes brown, Infernus takes Red, and you convert Green to Yellow with Ishbaala (and Red to Skull, so less Red too). Also Ishbaala is completely blocked by Infernus.

If we’re up against Daemons, then I’ld probably throw Gard into my team, otherwise something like


Or alternatively


Or if we’re going for a non-Mythic team

Star Gazer
Hero (Event Weapon, or Mang, or Mountain Crusher (though mana blocked) or for some fun times Staff of Visions)


Have you guys failed to notice, or was it intentional, that mang is going to basically be the be all end all of weapons to use in ALL events? It’s the only one that scales so highly as to be the only viable weapon

They start half mana, i was expecting infernus to feed everyone with explosion but you are right i might need to rework my team a little bit

I like this one i might use it ty


Have you seen the weapon spoilers? New weapons that scale are coming.


That St Veritas spell that gives barrier to all allies when damaged makes it a very good Siegbraker troop probably the best one so far

Oh damaged is only when loosing go hmmm.

Possibly still usable but anyway he has stoneskin

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I’m going to use Mang/Forest Guardian/Queen Aurora/Queen Aurora. Beasts unite lol.

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Hero as a Warden Class for the bonus 5 Magic and being counted as a Beast too? :smiley:


yup, you got it


@Ozball do you know if there is any plan in the future to let us switch class only in 1 game mode?

Cause i would like to change it sometime for raid or invasion but since i am using my hero in pvp attack and def i just don’t switch it


I probably won’t use Gard OR Ketras. Too risky if the enemy gets the drop on you with RNG and hits them, they become quite useless (more so Gard but even so).

I’m using a wierd team that doesn’t include hero or any Mythics, just one Legandary, one Epic, and two Rare troops.

It’s so effective that I’m now Rank 4 on PC, after buying tier 6. ^^

Not bothering with the invasion troop yet, so:


Could sub in a diviner for mercy; priest hero w/Mang, etc.

Please share! I don’t have many Mythics or Legendary Divines.

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The main focus is… Star gazer and St. Veritas.
Buffed Siegebreaker up front is quite deadly, if you can keep it alive.

I considered Star Gazer. Makes the Siegebreaker too much of a single-point-of-failure for my liking.

I agree if he die nothing really helful to finish fight

I used the first team @Ozball proposed and it working very well no lost so far

I’m looking at Statue-Statue-Infernus-DivineIsh or Statue-DivineIsh-Forest Guard -Mercy. Something like that.

One of the skull converters + Statue seems like a necessity if you finally want a break from Mang.

Ishabaala and veritas work very well together with the skull damage boost from veritas and i can’t believe people not using infernus also this is a must