Invasion (whitehelm)

Not everyone has Infernus - he is mythic after all…


Well note to everyone, put it first on the forge list, this is the best mythic in the game and very good in attack and defense

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One slight note:

In an Invasion the theme of the defenders is always “Towers”. Every 10 battles, you face another tower until you only face 4x towers. Then for 6 whole days you face 24-36 towers, depending on Valraven luck. Towers towers towers towers.

By the time “the competent creature team” is overwhelmed by stats, you’re generally facing 2-3 towers and the Seigebreaker becomes super important. People like to cite Mang but at low-levels Mang is less efficient than most good troops.

So this invasion is like any other invasion: Siegebreaker / Mang / {generator} / {generator} is highly effective, more so if you can get barrier up. There is something else you can put in the Mang slot that’s even more devastating if you can generate skulls. There’s a giant hint in the game pointing you at this substitution. :wink:

Using siege breaker, infernus, dawnbringer(safety net) and mercy. Works well.


It’s a mess that just works.
Fast start, explosion, messing order, barriers, summons, etc…

Interesting. Might struggle a little against 4 towers as Skadi can’t do any damage thanks to “invulnerable”. At the very least I’d swap her with Jotnar.

No veritas?

Infernus is a risk in this mode, the explosions can get you screwed by bad luck very easily.

I agree that he’s a powerful-as-hell troop, this just needs something more secure.


This is my Team for the entire Week.

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Well i played with him and i am at level 150 no prob with it


Towers are immune to mana steal and drain not to mana burn

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Yup same for bosses

Jotnar is there for that (the barrier)

I’ve got 100% win rate through multiple levels of stage 8, pretty sure towers are at 110.

2R/1Y/-Gr Banner

Veritas (Mythic/3 Traits)/Divine Ishbaala/Valkyrie/Pharos-Ra

Looping and BOOMing for DAYYYS!


My team for this week is Status of St.Veritas/Divine Ishbaala/Valkyrie/Star Gazer, then change Valkyrie to Queen Aurora after level 135.

I agree that this team is quite focus on St.Veritas that it become a main weakness. If you lose it, there’s almost no change to recover and win the match. But strong point of this team is it ablity to win very fast.

In my experience, my matches take around 30 second all the way to level 120. When reaching stage 8, just cast empowered Star Gazer, match some skulls/cast Ishbaala, match is over. Early problem arise when Star Gazer’s blue removal cause so much cascade that kill St.Veritas, but it rarely happened.

Then level 135+ come, now green tower’s True Damage can one-shot kill St.Veritas before you can kill it. So Queen Aurora has to come in for life boost/barrier, but that also make the match a lot longer and risky to lose. Maybe another damage dealer is needed after all.

Spoiler : After Maugrim Woods Invasion, it will be Divinion Field’s Centaur one, so Star Gazer will be available again. But there is no skull spammer, so she might be useful, but less effective.