Invasion battle, "Only 4 battles remain." Why only four when I haven't played since Monday?

So, with the Christmas season finally upon us, I am sure everyone has been busy. I am typically the type of player who opens and plays GOW everyday, but every once in a while I miss a day or two, espwcially around the holidays. I was extremely busy hosting friends and family on Monday/Tuesday of this week, so I didn’t get to do much other than open the game to get my daily rewards.

This morning, myself and a fellow guildie logged in to start our Invasion battle and noticed that we only had “4 battles remaining” in Invasion. Since it is supposed to stack, shouldn’t we have 12 each? Another guildies though is that because we didn’t open Invasion on Monday we were never “registered” and this didn’t earn any extra battle. Is this true?

One of the reasons I really enjoy Invasion/Raid/Boss battles is that you can do your battles at your own leisure. If this is true, that it sort of pisses me off. Just because I am extremely busy and can’t play Invasions at the beginning of the week does NOT mean that I should be chastised for playing them later on.

@Saltypatra can you confirm what is going on here?