Interesting Podcast?


It’s explore exclusive event again. I do all daily tasks on Explore, but I don’t think it would be enough. I could try farming traitstones as well, but I already have enough until November. Which leave only one option, endlessly farming at Khaziel, and it can get boring very fast

So I choose to listening to music or podcast as I played. Recently, I really like listening to Science VS from Gimlet Media. It’s an entertaining educational show with real scientific researches on interesting topics. The host is quite great at keep the show from being boring with her bad puns.

It’s quite short though, with less than 100 episodes and only new 30-minute one coming once a week, so it’s barely enough for me. I’ve tried listening to other science/trivia show, but they can be so dry, or get off-topic so fast that it gets distracting instead of interesting.

Have anyone listen to podcast as well? Do you have any recommendations? I prefer educational ones, but I’ll give some interesting shows a try! ^^


For multiple topics try the “Something you Should Know” podcast.


if youre into ghost and haunting stories like myself, this should be great. Just remember to listen at night when light is off.


You should try TED Talks. The topic range is massive, and they usually have interesting speakers.


Watching them everyday on Youtube. Always something new and interesting. Top Prime recommendation! :blush:


This one was emotional for me to watch. Dang that courage the man has!!