Instant kill with no reason

I don’t know how to upload a video here, this is a link to it.

Why are we complaining :rofl: I think this karma giving you back that game that you lost because RNG or spent 10min trying to kill the op hero :sweat_smile:

Here is another after egg thief cast.

After skulls match.20191012_161901

The issue always involves a skull match with doom skull. I have a feeling every exploded skull counts as a separate skull match

When they added Doomskulls to the game they didn’t really bother changing the AI behaviour or mechanics much. Haven’t done since either.

I guess we should feel somehwhat glad? You can sometimes leave odd Doomskull matches on the board because the AI doesn’t really know what they do.
Don’t try this at home in GW though :laughing: