Infernus change intentional or not?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Infernus’ ability says: Deal [Magic + 10] damage to 2 random enemies, and half of that damage to adjacent enemies. Explode 5 random Gems.

The second random shot used to resolve after the first one, meaning it had a separate animation and it couldn’t target enemies killed by the first one.

Now it still has a separate animation but it can target enemies killed by the first shot. Sometimes the animation is either missing or barely noticeable if it targets a dead enemy.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Use Infernus’ ability to kill enemies, no extra steps required.

I think unintentional, when they changed how EK worked to keep him from mana draining other troops if he killed the first two they introduced this bug.

As a counterpoint, the change is intentional. Because Infernus did not work as intended before. Hopefully a dev steps in to resolve this, because I’m not sure mere players can.

Not sure but this might be only happening if the minion is killed by the “and half of that damage to adjacent enemies” part.

Right. Prior to the “fix” with the latest update, spells that affected multiple enemies would retarget enemies between the first and second phases. This was changed to make targeting sticky: targets are selected when the spell is cast, regardless of whether the targets died partway through.