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[Not a bug] Infernus spell doesn't always hit the second target

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When you cast infernus and his splash damage kills a unit, if he targets that unit that was killed by splash, he will not use the second shot on his spell. I believe that Tina had this same issue on release. I think this mainly happens when there are only 2 targets left on spell cast

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Everytime Infernus kills the a unit with splash, the second shot will not fire. I think it happens when there are only 2 units left

Steps to make it happen again
I think it happens when there are only 2 units left

@Saltypatra I posted per your steam request :slight_smile:


Hey this is currently working as intended because that’s how this system worked when Infernus was released, we’ve since updated the way that targetting works though so we will review his spell and consider bringing it in line with the newer troops :slight_smile:


Actually, back when Infernus was released he always used to fire two shots. This got broken quite a few months ago as part of the TINA fix.

*ubastet fix

Funny thing is the devs never realized infernus was changed


No, he didn’t. I took a break from the game last year from January until October and I clearly remember, before that, he firing only once every now and then. Usually when there were two troops left.

Edit: when he was released probably worked correctly but if the spell was changed wasn’t with TINA fix, was before it.

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Yep, might have been some other fix prior to TINA. I distinctly remember being pretty annoyed that fixing one thing broke one of my favorite troops.

Cliff notes version:

  • Infernus was released July 2017 in a state where he would always fire both spell hits, and would retarget if something died (more accurately, when he was released, the concept of target lock didn’t exist for Unity, and PC got Unity a month before Infernus released)
  • In about December 2017, target lock was introduced on Unity. Now, Infernus (more accurately, everyone) had “intended targets” (more accurately, intended slots) that he picked when the spell was cast, and was locked to these two targets no matter what. However, if an “intended target” died due to splash from the first hit, he still got both spell hits because the slot would be hit, allowing splash damage. If something resummoned in his intended target’s slot, he would also hit that target.
  • In September 2018, with the patch where “Ubastet will no longer always kill a troop summoned in the same slot”, all spells with multiple steps had spell steps locked on a slot now cancelled if that slot occupant died from a previous step of the spell. Thus, if Infernus’ “intended target” for the second hit died, that damage step was cancelled completely.
  • In April 2019, a “new” targeting method was introduced (first notably applied to TINA) would allow certain random targeting spells to independently target after each damage step, much in the way that many random targeting spells worked on Unity before target lock. Infernus was not discernibly changed in the way he targets, but his spell processes significantly slower than it used to be after this patch (and significantly slower than it was during the late 2017 period, also), indicating some kind of global change was made on the back end even on troops that didn’t actually benefit from the change.

I have a video from March 2018 that shows the “empty slot” targeting Infernus if necessary. The initial release period retargeting is harder to demonstrate (theres very few situations where you could prove that it was retargeting each step, and it would require a lot of scouring video to find one of those situations), but trust me, every troop in the game targeted like this during this time period, theres plenty of discussion about it on the forums, and Infernus was released during this time period.

If the reason why him retargeting isn’t considered a bug is because he was released in a state where he didn’t retarget, well, he did. If there some other reason why this isn’t considered a bug, my feedback is still that he brought in line with the “new” targeting methods and always get his second damage step. Currently, I have situations where ranges of enemy HP has his spell deal both less damage and less lethal hits because he won’t retarget. This is frustrating and unnecessary because the battle is basically over by that point.



How ever the game happens to ‘work’ … is working as intended…


Why did someone flag the post above?

It’s off-topic – i.e. doesn’t contribute to discussion of the suggested bug, and more resembles feedback, taking a small jab at the devs. Per Changes to bug reporting.

I’m in love with the streamlined attention given to Bug Reports these days, and while I get that flagging might seem overzealous, I generally find it’s very easy for these threads to quickly devolve as soon as one person gives their opinion (as others like to respond, weigh in, etc.).

I want reading and responding to these reports to be as easy as possible for (presumably) Kafka.


I’ve poked people about this feedback again.