Maybe it’s just me


Did infernus get nerfed…I’m pretty sure it’s not working the same as it did before seems to do less everything except initial damage…doesn’t do much board explosions and doesn’t do as much roll off damage…the animation itself even appears weaker and slower



I don’t think there is a thread on it, but some discussion started around here in the patch thread:

The devs are trying to fix TINA, but apparently every troop’s targeting logic is entangled with Infernus’ because this isn’t the first time changing one troop changed Infernus.

Part of the problem is they can’t add new targeting behavior without releasing a new client, so they have to find some way to configure the behavior TINA is sharing with Infernus such that it can work for both troops. We’ll see how it shakes out in 4.3.5 I guess. If it were me, I’d just write separate targeting logic for TINA and leave the code that’s working alone.



All exploders were Nerfed an update ago