4.3 Update (Patch Notes)


I’m estimating it’ll be 10 or 15 honor by the time the app passes certification after resubmission. I’m not buying “several games are delayed” because gamers on the internet are being remarkably restrained in discussing it. The only discussion I see is Nintendo delayed Mario Kart at the end of January.

So yes. I’m probably going to miss some potions in next week’s event, too. And it’s possible the mythic won’t even be available to me on Friday because it has no assets. I’d like to know if the devs plan on handling that or if I’m just going to be shit out of luck. If you don’t like it you can pound sand, nobody made you read my post.

But the only answers to any of those questions I’m getting are “Chin up guys! Fingers crossed!”

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If it ends up being that long then yes some compensation would be appropriate imo. But hopefully it gets sorted today.


I didn’t know that was something the user would be capable of, but the way you explain it makes a lot of sense. I just never considered that possibility, but that’s mostly because I haven’t the slightest clue how to do that on console. Thanks for the clarification!


Every update, the update process goes:

Finish coding and testing in house.

Submit to stores (console, iOS, google play, etc etc) for certification.

Certification Approved, then when done for all, its submitted for updating.

If 1 denies, fixes are made and then the process happens again for all platforms.

If any code is changed for any reason after certification, its needed to be resubmitted for re-certification.

So no, I do not think that they decided to just rush through and go screw it all apple will be nice (since when was this ever happened) and will certify it on the fly.

Seems to me like they are being honest and trying to find out wtf is causing the issue. If they speculate on here why, then people decide to take it as gospel and then run with it. If they dont speculate, then its all an elaborate plot to screw over a lot of their player base for no reason.


If the Freak has Zuul’Goth and Xathenos then this…

Doesn’t make any sense. @Cyrup
I for one, have Xathenos (2 in fact)… But zero portraits of him. Is he tied to a different achievement?
Because having Zuul’Goth or Xathenos is an achievement on to it’s self that should be more recognizable then using them on defense for players to easily beat. :grinning:


Is it me or infernus spell is slower now?

Maybe it’s just me

Not just you. People have claimed to see delays in any multi-target spell (TINA as well, and probably Ship Cannon if anyone bothered to try it).

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We’re in bat country, man. The devs can’t be trusted. (Fixed in 4.3) TINA-9000 Ability bug

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Our update passed certification with Apple, but there are delays releasing it on their end. As I mentioned earlier, we are not the only game that is being affected. If the update does not release in time for the next mythic, we will take actions to make sure it isn’t an issue.


I expect once their client update goes live, ours should as well.


@Andrew with the goods!

I also wanted to let you know what was happening with XBox achievements. At this point in time, we have already submitted the achievements to XBox, but don’t have an ETA on when they will go live. It should be within the week, but we haven’t been given a date.


Is it possible in future to submit the achievements before you submit the patch? Like a week before or something? Because this always happens


@Saltypatra GoW just pushed a new asset, (.89mb) and now my game won’t load (I have no other way to play beside iOS and thus haven’t logged on on android or steam (which I don’t have) so it appears the ninja push “requires” 4.3 to work so I cannot play GoW at all now, I was working on making the PvP ladder, and now cannot check my tributes can this be adjusted please, I have trophies to earn



Realize there is nothing they can do on their end. Apple is having issues with other games as well not just GoW.

Please be patient, I’m sure your guild master will understand considering so many are in the same predicament.


In particular a mythic I want is in the Forge and I’m just 40-50 diamonds short and I’ve been paying the $5 bundles specifically to be able to afford it and now I may miss out, I cannot to daily dungeons, I may not be able to get the new mythic, and again, tributes

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@Ghaleon maybe not their fault but until 20 min ago I’ve been able to play on 4.2.5 then they pushed out a silent patch that turned off my game


That part was all them


This could mean that the Apple update is coming soon, like I said be patient.


We are looking into this now for players still on iOS 4.2.5.

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