Improper damage for Infernus

While using Infernus in PvP I noticed after casting his spell his primary hit does the correct damage, as do his primary hits to initial adjacent targets. His secondary hit does no damage if it targets a troop hit by the primary’s adjacent target damage. Is this a bug/error or working as intended?


I thought that was the case at first, but I if you watch closely/screencap you can see that it takes the total damage off on the first hit.

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Agree Horse, it’s the animation order that makes it look wrong

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Did the math and it is not adding up at all.

Its just the animation order?

Do you have screenshots? I also did the maths and it still looks fine to me. Here’s a before and after of my Infernus hitting the enemy’s top 2 troops. My Infernus does 30 damage to target and 15 to adjacent.

EK 47 health 35 armour = 82 total
Behemoth 51 health 50 armour = 101 total
Mab 58 health 32 armour = 90 total

EK 33 (82-45 from Infernus, -3 from burn, -2 from exploded skulls = 33)
Behemoth 56 (101-45 from Infernus = 56)
Mab 72 (90 -15 from Infernus, -3 from burn = 72)

Unless you see anything wrong here that I’ve missed? For me, damage to two adjacent targets is functioning exactly as it describes.