Indicative of how creative the devs have become

Mind you, it’s been years between the two room releases. So they most likely forgot that other room even existed. Which to me, that’s worse than just being lazy and unwilling to put time into the free to play game that makes millions of dollars a year.


I definitely see a lot the Devs are doing wrong or badly and there are lots of things worth complaining about, this is not one of them imo.
Lazy is that they use the same sound set for lots of different troops, sometimes even confuses me slightly, or Kurandara, E. Kurandara and Shade of Kurandara, that is hell of lazy artwork.

But for your example, yea not the most exciting team difference, but still the last troop is different and the rooms give different rewards and treasure multiplier.

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There’s almost 1000 troops in the game.
Having 2 different faction rooms use a combined total of 4 unique troops is lazy AF to me.
Sorry, not sorry.

I didn’t mean you are wrong about it, but there are by far more problematic things to worry about.

It feels like they’ve been getting lazier, doesn’t it? Like Nimue & Alderfather. Same colors, same mana cost, same 2 transforms (yellow to skulls & red to purple). Really guys? Or duplicate traits on legendary troops and hero classes.

Dumb stuff like that doesn’t make any real difference in-game, but it’s a standard part of basic competent game dev / design / QC to make sure you follow your own rules. And they’ve been getting noticeably sloppier as time goes on.


What about all 6 treasure “troops” having the exact same spell and traits? :rofl:


I think the traits on the brand new ‘Researcher’ troop from Adana is much more indicative. Why is the 2nd trait more powerful than the 3rd trait. Looking at other Adana ‘repair’ is commonly used as a 2nd trait in UR troops already.


Got a guess here, that they wanted to make Researcher gain 3 armor/match4, but didn’t want to create a new trait, because that could be seen as too strong on UR troop…
That could also explain the order → you get 2/3 of the effect with 2nd trait, instead of 1/3…

but that’s only guess from me, so who knows :man_shrugging:

You see it as lazy, I see it as kind of “thematic”. Probably better way would be to use Fel Eggs instead of Dragon Egss, but as they are faction troops, it’s probably out of the question.

Delve rooms have Faction troops in them. That’s not unprecedented at all.

I mean it when I said that had over 900+ to choose from. They’ve even used Mythic rarity troops before. So no limits on their creativity outside of lazyness.

Did the Fell Nest debut before the Fell Roost was a thing?

It’s been around for a really long time. Maybe even before fell roost, which would explain the lack of fell dragon eggs.

IMO, Fell Nest was the idea that evolved into 4 troops delve faction :wink: