Incorrect number mapping/question marks in Russian (Fixed in 4.3.5)

Good afternoon, dear support service. After the last update, I began to incorrectly display four-digit numbers. The first digit is followed by an inverted question mark, then the remaining digits. This does not interfere with play, but creates visual discomfort. I hope you can help me with this problem.

The game is installed on the phone Xiaomi Mi Max 2. Android version 7.

I apologize for the quality of English, translated through an online translator. Thank you in advance for your help.

@Saltypatra @Cyrup

Russian uses the comma to separate digits.

Yes. But the problem is that at the bottom of the screenshot you can see the incorrect display of the separator.

This is a known issue ( and reported as fixed in 4.3.5.


I am very glad that this problem is known. But it is unlikely to be corrected, given that on my device the game is updated to the latest version with all the fixes.

4.3.5 is the next patch. Patches are generally a quarter apart, which means it will be about 3 months until the update arrives.

I don’t think it’s a satisfying answer, but it is what it is. Releasing on consoles involves a lot of work and, in some cases, paying a lot of fees, so they can’t release them very frequently. It’s a downside to the game being very multi-platform.

Well, let’s hope that the problem will be fixed. Thanks for answers.

Hi Omua78, I can confirm the problem is planned to be fixed as @Slypenslyde helpfully added. If it’s on our Known Issues article you can rest assured we’ve implemented the fix and tested it showing that it’s working ready for the next update. Keep an eye out.