Red Question Mark Appearing On Screen While Loading Gems of War


On the Xbox One, when I click on the Gems of War game to play, as it is loading a huge red question mark appears on my screen. It doesn’t happen every time but I would say it happens 75% of the time.

Has anyone else seen this?

I recorded it on the DVR on my Xbox One, but I’m not sure how to load it here, not even sure if it is possible to…


Here is a pic I took from my phone of what it looks like. Kinda creepy, it’s all distorted and outta focus every time it pops up.


I think a batman villian hacked your xbox man… make sure hes not doing from in your house…


It was…The Riddler!:wink:


You might want to send a ticket to 505 Games Support:


Just sent a request to 505 Support. Thanks