Include hotkeys on map (and for chat in fights)

The troubles that made the early update to 6.6 necessary, as well as the interface issues in certain resolutions, make it painfully clear, that there needs to be more ways to access areas, than only by mouseclick.
Issues like the current ones can happen again.

As long as the chat is closed, mayor areas of the game should be possible to reach through letter input.

Adventure _B_oard
_C_lass Trial
World _E_vent
_F_action assault (Delve)
_P_et Rescue
_T_reasure Hunt
G_U_ild Wars
Gnome _V_ault
To_W_er of Doom (sorry to everyone, who was hoping for world quests)

Spacebar - Chat (should also be available during fights)

I know, there’s more, that should be included, like chests and troops, but I am running out of reasonably usable letters.

mmm, I smell the flavor of burning from the start of the mode when you accidentally press keys while chatting, for example…

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Already had thought of this. :wink: