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In Memoriam of the old PVP system

Long ago, there was the one way to do PVP progression in card games and the like. They used the star system. Every rank required a certain number of stars to progress to the next one. Hearthstone still does it to this day, and Gems of War used to work off the same principle. The practice may be long dead on PC and mobile but the system was still in place on console. That time is ending. With the console patch 2.0.1 set to drop this week, the last bastion for star-based PVP progression will change to the new point-based system. In order to feel like my progress will not be wasted, I will no longer do any invasions until the patch drops. This will apply to both my PS4 and Xbox One game profiles. Press F to pay your respects to the old system.

Here’s hoping the Guild Wars update brings back the star system. In the mean time: F

I’m terrified about Guild Wars. There are about 2-3 ways to do it right and about 5000 ways to utterly waste the opportunity. I expect you will be able to buy extra attempts, further promoting the p2w swing that has been happening.

I’m worried too, but I also have faith that the dev team can pull it off and I seriously doubt it will be P2W. They could’ve taken this game straight P2W at a hundred different turns and haven’t yet, so I don’t think they’ll start now.

My main hope/concern is that it isn’t a grindfest like the current Ranked PvP system. Something that rewards being leveled up and coordinated, and where tiers/rankings matter and the rewards are cool/exclusive. Maybe I’ll start a new thread on Guild Wars ideas…


Please do, very interesting topic :slight_smile:

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Nevermind! No patch this week. I’ll carry over the memoriam tonext week. This week though, another rank 1 chase, yay…

The old star system was a waste. You never got anymore stars after Tier 1. I don’t know if you play the pc version, but imo when you get the pvp update on consoles, I hope you’ll agree that the old system was taint hair. I feel the old system only benefited casual players. The new pvp system imo benefits all. All respect to the old system…

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Old system with stars vs New system with battle points.
The system was faster to got through vs the new one, you could get tier 1 in a few hours no problem then be done for the week.
Revenge list, you had access to a revenge list so you could have spent the whole time revenging to tier 1
When you got to a new tier, you could not go below that tier and a few consecutive wins could get you to the next tier quickly
You paid gold to refresh the opponent
The rewards are higher and you can collect your rewards as soon as possible
Revenges give more glory
You have variety in the choices you can make for opponents
You can use gold to refresh the casual opponents and not risk you pvp score, as well as use a gem to refresh the ranked play opponents.

Ok that is all i got so far for pros and cons