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In-game tribute timer/indicator

Since some play game modes for extended periods of time without returning to the map, could we get an optional countdown timer to show us when the next tribute will come up? Or if not a timer, could we just get an icon pop up in the corner during matches when the tribute is ready to be collected?


Making you return to the world map because you’re curious whether or not your tribute’s ready yet is another opportunity at making a sale or at least making you form a habit. So the answer’s probably ‘no’.

Actually I’m pretty sure that’s all the publisher cares about … might see it sooner if its implemented that way.

Please, please no tribute timer. They’ll use that as excuse to significantly nerf what we get from tributes, because we would technically be able to collect them more often. We’ve been there in the past for other features and paid the price.

Not sure how it works on other systems, but mobile at least has a notification/alert when your tributes are ready to collect.

Unless you’re on Samsung, in which case it can be somewhat delayed…

(And, no, I’ve already checked that I don’t have apps that might slow things down)