Impossible to play


Hello to everyone I am newbie in game but can’t play campaign because when I playing vs Ai it cheating, just match tiles with different colors and getting skulls from nowhere. Of course I have only green cards in pack but sometimes I even can’t to do turn cause computer kill my party on the first turn. Sorry fordisturbing


Here is the long over 1 year history of this frustration:

1.0.7 fixed it some on PC/mobile, but there are still some that feel cheated.


Thx for answer. I can understand if AI have more luck. But in my case it just change color of gems in lines.For example line has three blue and one red among them in the bottom suddenly on the AI turn the red one change his color into blue and do combo. In most cases it happening only with colors that AI needed. Just 20 minutes ago I loose match with fool pack against one dryad cause she has infinite heal. Of cause I am not complaining cause it’s just game… But sometimes it is very painful to loose such manner.


Read the affects of the competing cards …

Dryads ability not only heals, but makes green gems …

Best strategy is to deny the opposing team matches :wink:

Make a Skeleton, Skeleton, Rock Worm, Rock Worm team … match all the purples OR all the browns, first card to charge, fire the ability and run with it … make your team banner Purple / Brown :wink:



In my team I have only my hero Templar sabretooth Trent in reserve some kind of purple knight horse knight and dryad. With this cards I am playing from beginning and don’t know how to get another except maybe donate. But I will donate only when I will understand game. I can’t deny enemy matches cause always I have choosing or give AI to use skull or give them collecttales. Both of this variants suicide for me cause AI cards usually muuuuuuuuch stronger and have at start 6 armor 6 heart and 7-10 damage against mine 1-5


Early on, its good to experiment. A team that covers multiple colors helps with charging abilities, until you start learning to control the board more.

Earning new troops come from several routes: Chests and Quests. Each kingdom allows you to earn a new epic troop by completing the quest line. Gold Keys can be earned through matching gems at random, bought with gold, or kingdom tributes.

Early on, the kingdom challenges allow you to earn souls so you can level your troops. Have you been clicking on a troop and going to the crafting menu to level them up? It’s a bit hard for me to guess which part of the early learning curve your running into.


I have complete one challenge on epic difficulty but have only ten souls what about chests I have key only 4 times for he 3 days I playing. Now I have some more only cause I buy starter pack but from this chests I don’t have any heroes only some kind materials


First, click on your Hero button in the bottom of the screen, go to difficulty, and make sure it is still set to Normal or Hard. I am assuming I am misreading your “Epic” difficulty, but I think its worth checking that you are not playing a “Warlord” difficulty setting.

When you edit your team, consider reordering your troops to: Templar, Treant, sabertooth, hero. With both the Treant and the Sabertooth competing for Green and Blue, it could hurt your charging of abilities early in the game. What color weapon are you using?

Right now your troops cover blue, green, and brown, leaving red, purple, and yellow matches to not benefit you. So you may want to replace the sabertooth or the treant with the purple knight. Then run a hero weapon that is either red or yellow.

Early on, mana generation can be slow, so using multiple colors helps, in my opinion.

I know when I first began, I lost some matches, but the hero keeps gaining experience. That allowed me to unlock some more useful weapons, and gain some stats on the hero.


Thx for help will try to improve. My game difficulty is now normal before I play on hard. Still have problem only with monsters card but I think it will resolve withtime