Implement the charge limit for the Hero weapon!

I’ll give you one example.
Guardian Crown +9, it casts once, then once more, and you’re soon facing a Hero with 1000 Health and Armor. C’mon, give me a break! Some fights can only end if you surrender because you can’t win otherwise in such perpetual battle.

And don’t tell me to use troops that devour or death mark the enemy.

I am proposing the following changes or cap limit on all the Hero weapons:

  • Allied and Enemy Hero should have the ability to use their weapon for only 10 times.
  • After the weapon is used for 10 times, it’s depleted of charges, which means that you cannot use it again.

There are plenty of ways to beat it. 2 weeks ago I fought it 10+ times and won in under a minute using skull spam.


I am seeing this as primarily a complaint against getting to 1,000 armor/life, rather than a complaint against hero weapons that enable that, per se. The problem is, then, there are other ways to get to insane levels of armor/life. Champion of Gaard did that to me a couple weeks ago. You probably won’t like what teams people will come up with for Vash’Dagon. Etc.

And as @Maxx said, there are ways to beat Guardian Crown in particular. Two other ways I can think of: (a) Bring an armor tear weapon; (b) silence them.


Why not? If you already know about multiple solutions to the issue, then why intentionally ignore the solutions?


i’m not looking forward to unable to use weapon multiple times in highly inflated stats events such as raids and bounty when i don’t want to use mang or other scaling weapons.

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While I don’t think that putting a limit on usage is the answer, I do sympathize with the problem of what is essentially a stalemate.
You can’t deal enough damage to defeat the enemy, but neither can they or it takes ages.
That you -could- prepare for it by scouting is not a full excuse, since 1) although the cost is small, not everyone wants to pay for that, and 2) it’s optional, so you should be able to play a proper battle without doing so. Not to mention that just because counters exist in the game, it’s not fair to assume that everyone has them.

I don’t think they need to put a limit on weapon charges. Troops can reach max 1000 stats by other means anyway. This whole issue can be handled with strategy and counters.

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Disagree with op. Nerfs are not the way. Multiple counter teams exist.

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They do exist, if you own them.

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