Endless Battle (Something needs to be addressed here...)

So I had a battle today that lasted well over an hour. I made two streams (videos) to show you what happened here. The videos are short, one is ten minutes the second is around 5 or so minutes.

At first I considered this to be a bug/glitch. I now look at it as either an exploit in the game, or something that was overlooked when the developers initially came up with the idea for this weapon (Prism Orb).

Prismatic Sphere is a purely defensive weapon. In addition, it creates colored gems, removing the previous gems from the board, including skulls.

This is one of the reasons I don’t use Prismatic Sphere. If you want to end a match like that, the first thing you have to do is stop casting it. Every time you do, you run the chance of removing skulls from the board. Then start matching until you can get some skulls.

I was going up against a person using Prismatic Orb. Considering it used every color manna and my Sacred Guardian only used Yellow and Brown, the match drug out for over an hour. I FINALLY managed to get lucky enough to get enough skulls to drop along with my manna attack so that I was able to defeat him. My issue is that I feel this card is a bit OP. Especially in a situation such as this. My suggestion would be either a time limit or a set move limit be added to the game to keep endless loops from happening in battles where this might pose a problem.

It’s borderline useless already. Nerf it further and they might as well just remove it from the game.


Im surprised you stuck it out that long. If I see a match threatening to last more than a few minutes, I just suck it up, take a loss, and move on. You have more determination than I!


LOL! Yeah, at that point it became a matter of pride rather than reasoning for me. I know now that if I scout before hand and see that weapon being used, I will use a team that targets true damage to keep that from happening again.


And that’s exactly why it’s not an issue that needs to be addressed. Bringing the right team is a substantial part of the game’s strategic depth.

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the idea i have for cases like this:

Do not put defense-only troop on last position!

should solve most of the “forever battle” issues

edit: ah well the problemantic guy was on defense #facepalm

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