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Impervious trait not working

So when one troop uses mana drain on an opponent that has the impervious trait, the trait shows up indicating that nothing should have happened, yet the mana still gets drained. So what’s going on? Why is the mana still getting drained when it should be immune.

Impervious does not block mana drain, only mana burn

It works correctly. Impervious troops are not immune against Mana Drain. They are immune against Mana Burn. The Mana Shield trait and some racial traits (elves) are the ones blocking Mana Drain. Impervious is such a powerful trait to begin with that the devs have specifically stated that Impervious troops will not gain immunity to drain on top.


Visual issue only. Trait should not flash. Impervious is not intended to prevent mana drain.


Well that explains it. Still it should be fixed in the next update.

Hmmm, I thought they were removing mana burn protection from impervious too

Tds is the one that lost the immune to mana burn. Impervious staying as it always has just not getting the shield.